The 9 Ways Women Waste Money And How To Stop

1. Eating out

Based on the study, 70% of women admit to wasting money on eating out. That is most of us! And it's no surprise because the majority of us tend to eat out at work. One way to curb this is by looking at your schedule ahead of time and planning accordingly.

For instance, if you have dinner, on one night you may want to consider taking breakfast and lunch to work that way you are not eating 3 meals out in one day. Also eating out for lunch is usually cheaper than dinner so you may one to consider planning to eat out around lunchtime as opposed to dinner.

Another way to curb eating out so much is by meal planning on a budget. Pinterest has tonnes of really awesome meal planning ideas that you can change up each week so you never have to take a boring lunch to work ever again. And you can create meal planning challenges with your co-workers too. Plus the great thing about meal planning is that it helps you eat better since you are planning in advance. Check out our 30-day meal planning challenge to help you get started.

2. Uneaten or expired food

Ever find that you go to the grocery store and buy all this food but then you end up eating out so much that most of it goes uneaten or ends up expired?

Again your solution here - meal planning. Also when you plan out your meals you'll get a better idea how much you should be buying and what your leftovers will be like and so you can freeze stuff. When you freeze food, it lasts well over the expiration date which means you'll have less wasted food.

3. Grocery items

Can you say meal planning again? You want to plan out your meals for the week before you head out to the grocery store and plan your spending according to your grocery budget. You also want to make sure to go to the grocery store with a full belly and with a list of items you want to buy, this way you don't get sidetracked.

Better yet, if online grocery shopping is an option for you, take advantage of it. Sometimes the $5 or $10 delivery fee is much less than what you would otherwise pay for groceries due to the extra unplanned items you might end up adding to your cart each time you visit the grocery store.

4. Credit card interest

Credit card interest is how the credit card companies make money and how you stay in debt. Ever feel like you aren't making a dent in your debt even though you are making payments religiously every month?

Well making only the minimum payments on your credit debt will do this. The way to combat it? Pay more than the minimum each month. Pay as much as you can towards your credit card balances every single month until you can eventually pay them off. In other words, get aggressive.

5. Alcohol or drinking

Alcohol costs a lot of money especially at restaurants and bars - the mark up is ridiculous, it's more than ridiculous, it's crazy. My advice, if you are seriously trying to save money and have to drink out, stick to one glass or avoid it completely.

6. Streaming Services

Streaming services make sense if they are in replacement of something, for instance, Netflix replacing cable. However, if you are just paying for streaming services just to have them or just to watch certain shows and you find yourself with Cable plus Netflix plus Hulu etc and you are trying to save money then this really is a waste of money and it's time to cancel some of those services.

7. Entertainment and hobbies & activities

Entertainment, hobbies, and activities can be very expensive, add in kids and the costs can skyrocket. To save money, think of free things to do, Pinterest is a great "go-to" for me (can you tell?) because it has tonnes of ideas, all you have to do is search using the word "Free" at the beginning of your search term.

8. Clothes

Trends come and trend go - and clothes really are not a worthwhile investment at all. That being said, buy quality over quantity, plan out your wardrobe and think cost per wear.

9. Cell phone bills

Have you called your cell phone company to find out if there's a cheaper plan lately? Cell phone service and data rates are so competitive these days there's always some special offer going on. Plan to call every six months or so to see if you can get a better rate. It never hurts to try.


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