How Tai And Her Husband Paid Off Their $30k Debt

My husband and I were high school sweethearts that fell in love, but we were total opposites in how we handled our money. I was completely debt-free with a great credit score and good money habits. My husband, on the other hand, had a ton of debt, a terrible credit score, and awful money habits.

When we got married there was a learning curve because one of us was the spender and the other was the saver. Not only were we trying to figure out how to be married, but also how to handle our finances with two different money styles.

We had a bigger problem than just his debt alone. The real problem was that he was not upfront with how much debt he was in. He was very ashamed of the mountain of debt that he had created and did not want to bring the consequences of his decision into our marriage. Therefore, he attempted to conceal the truth in an attempt to give him enough time to try and pay off the debt prior to us getting married and without me ever knowing about it.

Of course, his plan did not work and we had to have a very tough conversation and he had to come clean. It was a very tough moment for me, but through a ton of prayer, we were able to get through that tough point and begin the work of walking hand in hand with paying off the debt.

How much debt did you and your husband pay off in total? 

We paid off a little over $30,000 of debt when it was all said and done. We were able to accomplish this during our first year of marriage.

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