6 Free Date Night Ideas For Couples on a Budget


For many couples, date night means going out to eat or to see a movie and typically involves spending money but, for a change, it might be fun to save some of that cash and explore some "spend free" options?

Below are some fun date night ideas for you to try out that don't involve blowing your budget as a couple!

1. Plan a game night

Have friends over or have a game night with just the two of your together. Either way, it can be lots of fun - Think Taboo, Charades or Monopoly! Better still, make it games plus potluck night where everyone brings something over to eat as well.

2. Have a movie night or series binge night at home

Netflix, Hulu, OnDemand - these days the options to find good content to watch on TV are endless. Not feeling a movie? How about finding a new series to watch. Orange is the new black, Game of Thrones, Narcos, Stranger Things and Breaking bad are all really popular shows!

3. Check out local museums on free entry days

Most museums have a free entry night once a week or once a month. Some Zoos also have similar free entry nights as well. Find out if there are special exhibits at museums close by you and go check them out.

4. Test drive your dream car

Test drives are free at the car dealership as long as you have your license! Have some fun and go out all by checking out a few of your favorite dream cars. You can enjoy the experience of driving them without committing to a purchase!

5. Go for a long walk, explore the outdoors

Explore your neighborhood or city. There are so many things to discover walking around. Find new restaurants, bars or other hangout spots to add to your list of places to visit...and the best part? The conversation!

6. Cook a meal together

Pick a meal from your favorite cooking show, a cookbook or browse Pinterest and have fun cooking up an amazing meal together! Once your fabulous meal is done, set the table, light some candles and sit down to enjoy your homemade meal together.

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